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From: Julia M. Winston, M. Ed.
Where: Huntsville, AL
Dear Kingdom CEO...
Our CEO clients... from startups to Fortune 500 companies, all are where you are now…

...desperate, confused, and lost in the whirlwind of growing their business WITH God...

...WITHOUT working like a dog, 

...neglecting self and family, 

or getting the same old growth and scale advice from gurus who are all style but no substance
The reason the same ol' same 'ol isn't working is because you, as a visionary, see the BIG picture, and  the dots that COULD connect to make that picture a reality BUT...

...because you have not "passed this way before" (Joshua 3:4), you don't know what dots are important and which ones aren't,

how to connect the dots spiritually or practically, 

or even how to articulate what you feel/sense much less break it down into KPIs or goals that will make or save money.

You aren't used to being so indecisive and unclear. 

You end up feeling doubled minded which erodes your confidence in yourself and jeopardizes your relationship with God.

Your lack of confidence makes you gruff at work, and irritable your family because you put undue pressure on yourself to "figure it out" knowing you don't have the mental or emotional capacity to figure it out.

Let me encourage doesn't have to be that way.

You want to grow your company quickly with customized clarity, strategies, and solutions that most business coaches aren't offering you.

You want fresh insights  and actionable intel that works both practically and spiritually.

You want to take off the mask and not be "ON" all time  just  long enough to have a clear thought.

If you are honest, you don't have a safe place to dump your deepest fears as a CEO without being judged or coddled.

And you don't want to dumped into a group coaching program.
Hi, I'm Julia and I created our Alignment Advantage Advisory services for visionary, pioneering CEOs like you who want two things: CLARITY and BREAKTHORUGH.

Most of our clients get measured breakthrough in their business's PURPOSE and FINANCES.

They know they are spiritually tasked with becoming leaders that God will use to reform their business, their industry, and their legacy.

In our Alignment Advantage services, we show you how to ATTAIN the promises through prophetic flow, fresh perspectives and proven industry-recognized growth strategies all customized for you.

We have different services that will help you grow. Book a call. Let's discuss which one is right you. 

What Other CEOs Are Saying About Alignment Advantage...
4 minutes
" Thank you for showing up for us. Alignment Advantage has been lifechanging and I am not NEW to business. I have grown businesses close to $100 million but I made a decision to be intentional to be in alignment in my business... Working with Julia has transformed the infrastructure of my business. In addition to coach, mentors, you as my advisory team was the missing piece.  "
The Peels
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"We wish we would have done this sooner "
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"I heard wisdom at the Alignment Advantage LIVE, applied it, and made just under $240k in a week!
 It was the impartation I needed because I was pissed off because I was doing all the things and didn't see the results I wanted "
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"Getting into ALIGNMENT with my business identity allowed me to instantly add $20,000 to my offer that was immediately accepted."
Pure Solutions
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"Our business was NEW and through Alignment Advantage, we created a business with a solid foundation. If you want to see your business become and do what it was ceated to do in this world, you need to be in complete alignment and the Alignment Advantage is the only thing out there equipping people this way.  "
"Working with Julia as my Alignment Advisor, was POWERFUL.  She can key in laser like to get to the real issue."
Dr. Shamieka
"Working with Julia as my Alignment Advisor, was enlightening. I can move forward with CLARITY.  "
In Matthew 6:19 Jesus says I will give you KEYS to the Kingdom, yet too many Kingdom Business Owners (aka KBOs) are trying to access the Kingdom WITHOUT this key... ALIGNMENT!

Know how you've been asking God how to grow your business WITHOUT increasing your hours and stress? 

He heard you! I help 7 & 8 figure Kingdom Business Owners get to their next milestone so that they can grow their income and influence without working twice as hard.

How to Get Rid Of The #1 Cause of KBO Business Stress

If you're grinding hard and resting little… if you're wondering what you’re doing wrong… if you go to bed at night feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and anxious… then this message is just for you.
 Here’s why…

There are one of 5 factors standing in between you and your next level of success...

AlignmentAdvantage is designed to help you discover, activate, and easily unlock your business’s next success milestone.

Realize that there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most KBO’s do when facing the complications of business growth is to buckle down and work even harder, pray desperate prayers, and buy more programs to add to a growing number of programs and investments that you've tried but didn't quite work. 

Am I right?

Fad programs, misguided prayers, and human willpower only leave you feeling like more of a failure. You begin to doubt yourself and whether God really did give you that HUGE vision.
You begin to believe that the vision would be better served by someone else more qualified
You wonder what are you missing?

You've been there and done that. You know what happens if you do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? 
Hopelessness sets in and when you close your laptop at night and turn over in the wee hours of the morning, the Kingdom revelation that burned in your heart becomes sour in your belly because you can't seem to crack the code of making it all work together. You just feel further away from that "easy yoke" Jesus said to take.

 I have good news. 

Nothing's Wrong With You

It’s Simply About Coming Into ALIGNMENT. It’s What I Call Discovering Your AlignmentAdvantage

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

It all comes as part of an introductory event that will teach you about the
Alignment Factors:
  • Right Relationship with God
  • ​Right Relationship with You   
  • ​Right Relationship with Your Business
  • ​Right Relationship with Your Industry
  • ​Right Relationship with Money
What is your unique alignment factor?
“To go from having a dream in your heart to holding it in your hand is  NOT about doubling or tripling the hard work!”

Attend the 5-Day Challenge and create your PERSONAL KINGDOM roadmap to the "Precision AlignmentAdvantage" PLUS...

[And you are 100% safe to try this out. If you join LIVE, engage, and get NOTHING out of it, we'll refund your ticket. So there's nothing to lose.]
DEcision time...
You have a choice to make: 
 Take a new action, and get a new result or don't!

Quit struggling and use the AlignmentAdvantage to unlock your next success level.

Here’s what to do now…

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